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Why SmartiZ?

Besides all the great fun and essential features that SmartiZ Watch offers, its good to know what makes SmartiZ the ideal choice.

⚈ SmartiZ Watches are up-to-date, designed and built using the latest hardware and software technology standards.

FULL 4G Network support offering networking speeds that are 10 times faster than the previous 3G, this high data speed make SmartiZ Watch work smoother and faster than any other model and also ensures precise GPS tracking.

⚈ No lock-in contracts, no binding commitments. SmartiZ watches supports 4G SIM cards from all network providers. it simply means that you have the freedom to choose your preferred Telecom company based on your budget and needs. and if you feel like a change - SmartiZ Will support your new SIM Card!

Why this multiple SIM provider support feature is so important ? - In some areas (ie rural areas), a specific cellular network may have limited coverage while another network has wider coverage in that area and therefore this company is preferable and you can choose your SIM card accordingly.

⚈ Equipped with all the essential safety features a parent needs together with all the right fun and educational features for kids.

⚈ SmartiZ watches - the best and most affordable choice without compromising on quality!

How Does The Watch Work?

SmartiZ Watch works in a similar way to your smartphone. it requires a 4G supported Nano-sim card which allows you to make and receive calls and use the GPS Location tracking features of the watch.  

SmartiZ Watch can make and receive phone calls, Video Calls, Voice messages, Family group chat ( Yes thats right ! you can have the whole family communicating with your child in a fun group chat, share photos text and voice messages )

You can track the location of the SmartiZ watch at anytime. the watch is equipped with an accurate GPS which allow you to view the exact location, history locations and set up geo-fence and alerts at any-time !

Does SmartiZ Work in Australia?

Absolutely YES ! SmartiZ is available and fully supported in Australia, you can purchase any Pre-Paid sim card powered by Optus, Telstra or other Telecom company , No lock-in contracts or binding commitments ! SmartiZ is built so efficiently that it doesn't consume much data. you can enjoy all of SmartiZ benefits with even the cheapest data plans.

** SmartiZ Work with all Telecom service providers in Australia, its already configured to connect with most of Australia's Telecom companies

If you are experiencing connectivity issues and you're using another SIM Card which isn't powered by Optus or Telstra - Please kindly refer to our user manual to learn how to configure new network or simply contact SmartiZ support and will guide you through the process **

Does SmartiZ Work in New Zealand?

Yes it does ! SmartiZ Can work with 4G SIM Card from New Zealand network providers. We recommend choosing the Telecom company with the best coverage in your area.

Does the watch need an SMS allowance sim plan?

No! SMS is not required for the watch, since all text, photos and voice messages are sent using your data allowance. Please make sure you're purchasing a sim with either pre-paid or fixed plan with data.

Can anyone call the SmartiZ watch?

No way, only pre-set numbers are permitted to call the SmartiZ phone watch. So you don’t have to worry about your child receiving calls from strangers. You can set-up allowed numbers from the Tracker App and add contacts to the SmartiZ watch address book.

Who can the child call from the phone watch?

There will be a contacts list on the watch's screen, the child can call contacts directly / dial their numbers from the watch.

Can I change the permitted numbers at any time?

Yes, you can change the permitted numbers at any time through the App on your phone.

Who can check the GPS location of the SmartiZ phone watch?

Only the parent / guardian can access this information from the App.


Is The Material Used In The SmartiZ Phone Watch Safe?

The SmartiZ watch is made from non-toxic silicone, which is harmless to the child.

All aspects of the SmartiZ  watch complies with all the latest industry standards.

How do I know if my childs SmartiZ watch is low on power?

The SmartiZ Tracker App on your phone can notify you when the watch battery is low on power. You can also set the watch to battery saver mode and change the location updating threshold.

How do I charge the SmartiZ phone watch?

a USB cable charger will be supplied with the watch. You can plug it in to an adaptor, like a mobile phone charger, enabling you to charge from a power point or by USB connection to a computer.

My SmartiZ Phone Watch has Stopped Charging - What Should I Do?

Have you tried using a different plug socket, or simply using a different charging cable? Normally this resolves the issue.

If your SmartiZ Watch still doesn't start charging after you've tried this, please get in touch and we'll be able to look into the issue.

How long is the standby time for the SmartiZ phone watch?

This depends on how many calls the SmartiZ makes or receives, standby time is around 6 days. If using intensively, you will mostly likely be recharging the watch at the end of every day.

Is the SmartiZ phone watch water resistant?

Yes! The SmartiZ phone watch is rated to IP67 which means it is suitable for every day use. 

However, as with every electronic gadget -we recommend taking the watch off before showering / swimming due to different PH Levels in water and in order to minimize the cycles of the water drain process.

*Please ensure the SIM slot is closed and sealed properly and that the watch has no cracks or potential leaks as waterproofing only applies if the watch is completely sealed and undamaged, improper sealing or physical damage to the device may lead to water leak.

We do not recommend using the device for swimming or bathing due to above reasons, the event of water damage due to product misuse can't be covered as the devices are not suitable for Swimming/bathing/hot showering*

What size is the SmartiZ watch?

The watch strap, from furthest hole to clasp is 23cm.

What Are The Dimensions of the SmartiZ Phone Watch?

SmartiZ Phone Watch Dimensions


Can I Change The Strap of the SmartiZ Smartphone Watch?

Yes, you can change the strap of your SmartiZ ! We offer multicolored replaceable straps for SmartiZ - Check out SmartiZ Straps

Can I Change The Ringtone of the SmartiZ Phone Watch?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t change the ring tone of your SmartiZ Phone Watch. The ring tone is a standard one.

How Can I Change The Time Zone Of My SmartiZ Smartphone Watch?

Normally the time zone of your watch adjusts itself automatically when connecting to the network you will be using the watch with.

Even when traveling abroad, once you turn the watch on, the time zone will be automatically updated, but you can also adjust the time zone manually through the App / Watch Settings.


How do I download the SmartiZ  App?

You can download the SmartiZ seTracker App for free from the Apple Store if you have an Apple phone, or Google Play if you have an Android phone. 

Instructions will be sent to you with your SmartiZ Watch

APP system requirements: Android 4.0 system or more, IOS 8.0 or above

Can I monitor more than one child through the SmartiZ Tracker App?

Yes! The SmartiZ Tracker App allows you to pair an unlimited number of devices to monitor their location, call and message from within the App making it easy to control all of your kids watches from within the same application.

Do I have to pay for the SmartiZ Tracker App?

The SmartiZ SeTracker App is free.

How does the SmartiZ Tracker App on my phone connect to my childs SmartiZ phone watch?

Each SmartiZ phone watch has a unique code, which registers with the SmartiZ Tracker on your phone. This is simple to set up and your SmartiZ delivery will have full step-by-step instructions on how to pair your SmartiZ Tracker App with the SmartiZ phone watch.

I Can't Call My SmartiZ Smartphone Watch From a Different Phone.

For safety reasons to ensure only authorised contacts can call your child's SmartiZ Phone Watch, all numbers not setup as Contacts within the SmartiZ Tracker App are automatically blocked.

To add a new Contact within the SmartiZ Tracker App:

• Within the App, Click "Contacts"

• Click The Plus (at the top) to add a new contact.

• Enter the Name, Phone Number, and click "Save".

The Contact will then be automatically synced to your SmartiZ Phone Watch. If for any reason the call is still blocked, turn your SmartiZ Smartphone Watch off, then back on, and you'll then be able to call the device successfully.

Does the SmartiZ Phone Watch have the ‘Listen In’ feature where I can automatically answer a call so I can hear the surrounding noise of where my child is?

Yes ! SmartiZ has the ‘Listen In’ feature, you can monitor and listen to the surrounding of the SmartiZ Watch from the Tracker App.

Can I see whats happening around as well?

Yes ! SmartiZ has the ‘Remote photo capturing’ feature, you take a photo remotely and view it through the App.

Does The SmartiZ Smartphone Watch Have An Alarm If My Child Removes The Watch From Their Wrist?

No. Your SmartiZ Smartphone Watch don’t have an alarm to alert you if the watch is removed from your kid’s wrist. We love this idea, and have added it to our list of product upgrades. Subscribe to our Mailing List for exciting new Product Updates.


Click Here to view SmartiZ User Manual for Watch and Application Set-up steps

Have more questions ? Please don't hesitate to contact us today!

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